Vol 3., No. 1 (Trinity)

The editors at Oxford Middle East Review are delighted to present the third issue of the journal.



From Honeymoon to Divorce: Exploring the Dramatic Change in Turkey’s Foreign Policy Towards Syria in 2011 Through Role-Theory
Nia Clark

Lions of the Future: How a Singing Competition is Transforming Afghanistan
Tory Gullo

Iran and the United States in Afghanistan: An International History, 1996-2002
Alexis Nicholson

Irreconcilable Difference? The 1982 Lebanon War, British Jews, and the Political Left
Imogen Resnick

Social and Spatial Constructions of European Migrants in Morocco
Timo Schmidt

Qashqadarya Arabic Dialect: A Survey of Linguistic Features Based on Four Folktales
Carolina Zucchi