Vol 2., No.1 (Trinity)

The editors at Oxford Middle East Review are delighted to present the second issue of the journal.


Policy Section

The 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force and America’s Endless War 
Harrison Akins

The Intersection of the Bosnian War, the Mujahideen, and Counterterrorism Measures in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Nicola Mathieson


Research Section

The Quest for Islam in a Virtual Maze: How the Internet is Shaping Religious Knowledge among Young Muslims in Berlin-Kreuzberg
Ines Gassal-Bosch

Arab, Unionist, Republican: The Case of Ma’rūf al-Ruṣāfī
Chris Hitchcock

Memories and Narrations of “Nations” Past: Accounts of Early Migrants from Kerala in the Gulf in the Post-Oil Era 
M.H. Ilias


Vol 2., No.1 (Trinity 2018).1-1