Volume VI, No. 1: *Official Launch*

We are proud to announce the official launch of OMER, Volume VI, No. 1: “Borders and Boundaries.” We hope you enjoy the thought-provoking articles inside. Thank you to our authors, editors, peer reviewers, funding sources (St Antony’s college and the Oxford Middle East Centre)–and thank you to our readers!

Click here to access a flipbook of the issue: https://indd.adobe.com/view/d419b78e-421b-41b9-83ec-9ca718563115

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“The Boundaries of Status and Identity: Hegel, Schmitt, and ISIS’ Search for Recognition through Dabiq,” by Jan Stormann

“Russia’s Non-Traditional Statecraft in the Middle East and its Application to Ukraine,” by Ian Parmeter

“Towards a New Basis for Societal Stability through Re-Imagining National Minority/Majority Boundaries,” by Elizabeth Monier

“Refugee Rights in the Levant during the Pandemic: Hampered Mobility and Heightened Vulnerability,” by Benedetta Galeazzi

“Crossing the Neutrality Border: How Constraints of Principle Limit Effectiveness of Humanitarian Aid,” by Erin Hayes

“A Crack in the American Stereotype of Muslim Women: Contemporary Muslim Fashions at San Francisco’s de Young Museum,” by Marjorie Kelly

Contributing Editors:

Juliet O’Brien, Ella Williams, Kelly Alexis Skinner, Francesca Vawdrey, Nilsu Çelikel, Adam Abdalla, Aïcha el Alaoui, Cem Gumusdis, Charles Ough, Erin Hayes, Ethan Dinçer, Inger Mørdre, Insiya Raja, Riley Sanborn, Rosa Rahimi, Sam Lytton Cobbold, Sara Green, Serra Yedikardes, Wesam Hassan, Zoe Myers